Sunday, February 25, 2007

The raw heart of thrill power

I don't have much of a point to make today. Just a desire to share a handful of scans portraying some examples of that oh-so-potent 'future shock' factor. I guess the long-term success of 2000 AD is down to the creation of a number of fantastic characters and situations that sustain reader interest. But I think even that would not be enough without the importance of making sure that each Prog has something to capture the imagination of a new reader. "Every issue is someone's first" has been the mantra of comics editors since periodicals began, and for 2000 AD, that means at least one proper injection of future shock every week, or you'll lose someone. Luckily, the stable of writers and artists is strong enough to ensure way more than one per strip, and that's the beauty of it all.

Let us not forget, even an age-old twist can be rendered powerful with the right atmosphere and attitude. Future Shock can affect a protagonist, and inocent bystander, and of course the family and friends. Who says Sci-Fi is all plot and no emotion? (ok, ok, I'm laying it on a bit thick)

Sometimes you don't need the science concept - you just want the jarring experience of seeing a serial murderer interrupted:
Why settle for the simple human drama, when you can see a whole town full of crazies?
Redondo has a real flair for drawing the beast out of the man, doesn't he?

Dredd has his share of weird crimes to deal with week in, week out. Not always the best episodes, admittedly, but it's a simple way to get across the Dredd concept. He's a cop in the future. Weird stuff happens. Dredd finds out that it's because of criminal activity. We get excited about what the future may bring. Dredd arrests the criminals and makes a joke relating to the weirdness. Or, as a twist, Dredd is protecting the weirdo who is under threat from the public. Hardly soul-searching stuff, but it's kinda what you want from a Sci-Fi cop drama. Also great fun if the writer/artist can make the most of the weirdness.

Future Shock - where does it come from?


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