Sunday, January 11, 2009

Only in 2000 AD part 3

Here's something else 2000 AD does especially well - mixing the mundane with the bizarre. I think part of the reason for success in this field compared to other comics is the effort on the part of the artists to draw in proper backgrounds, and not to be shy of details. In recent years American comics have turned this way as well, leading to regular delays in publishing. Somehow, the galaxy's greatest has never had this problem. (OK so some series have been split into several sections, but the material that goes in between is always of the same high standard).

Anyway, here's a bunch of sci-fi dudes having a job interview type thing. I've no idea what background setting the writer had in mind, but artist Nigel Dobbyn sure has run with it...

And here's a slice of soap opera melodrama, which just sounds so much more exciting coming from the gaping jaw of a Henry Flint alien beastie...

And then of course there's Brian Bolland, delivering something not at all mundane, but just utterly bizarre:


Blogger DF Vincent Cochrane said...

I found your blog yesterday and spent so much time reading it! My first encounter with 2000ad was issue 2 of the Megazine, when I was only 5. My father massively disapproved of it, but my mother and I started collecting Progs, attending conventions etc. A joy to read your blog. If you'd like yo get in touch, it's Best wishes, Vinny Cochrane

Blogger alexf said...

Reading Volume 1 of the Megazine at age 5 is definitely damaging to your development! Respect.

Thanks for the kind words - do join me in some current 2000AD blogging on 'Heroes of 2000AD', won't you?


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