Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Daily Star Dredd

I never read the Daily Star, so I never knew that Judge Dredd had a regular strip in it, until I stumbled across a copy of the 'Judge Dredd Collection' from Titan, which reprinted a handful of them (many of them twice, for some reason, unless I got a duff copy). Anyway, some of them were truly fantastic, and arguably the Wagner/Grant/Ron Smith years on this strip are the archetypal Dredds of all time. Ian Gibson came aboard for a few longer stories, many of them reprinted in 2000AD and the Megazine at certain times. You might remember his 'Bride of Death' or 'The Mean Machine', which concentrated on two of Dredd's most beloved villains. Fun, but these are less satisfying on the whole than 2000 AD stories with the same characters. For Daily Star Dredd, it's all about the one offs.

I guess anything that's been printed in a public Newspaper is now a matter of public record and available to all in a Library. Nonetheless, I feel a little bit guilty about presenting full strips. Hey ho. Here are just two examples of solid comedy gold, in which we find out about life and mechanics in Mega City 1, see Dredd interacting with the cits, and of course getting the final word.


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